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Facebook and LinkedIn want more women in the tech sector

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and LinkedIn (NASDAQ:LNKD) on Friday announced that they have partnered in an initiative for helping women in engineering and computer science. The initiative was launched due to the declining majority of student in computer science.Sheryl Sandberg Facebook COO


LeanIn.org and Anita Borg Institute will the other partners in the Lean In Circles program that will allow women in the two fields to take advantage of the support programs in colleges and generating more employment. Telle Whitney, president and CEO of Anita Borg Institute, said the move would create more diversity within the workforce and ability to enter lucrative jobs lying vacant in Silicon Valley.

“Careers in the field of computer science and engineering are great for both men and women, as the jobs are flexible, high-impact, exciting and well-paid,” said Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO.

Thirty years ago, 35 percent of women had majored in computer science, but the present figure stood at 18 percent. Sandberg mentioned that participation of women the two fields were decreasing, indicating the unemployment factor and the ideas are not shared with the world.

LinkedIn will provide help in searching jobs and allows employers to find specific candidates. Women can join the CS&E chapter of Lean In Circles through the official website where users can join either existing Circles or launch a new one.

The Lean In Circles program was launched in 2013 and regular meeting is held among women in supporting each other. The two-year old program is entirely managed by women and formed more than 21,500 circles in over 97 countries and 300 universities.

Sandberg stated that the program would make women “feel male” and would support women by breaking stereotypes. Whitney highlighted  that more women were needed to be involved in projects for the sake of the future.

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