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Photos, Apple’s new photo viewing app for OS X Yosemite

Apple is set to release Photos, a professional photo-editing app that was released for iOS 8 in September. The company had promised during WWDC that it would release the desktop version in early 2015 and will replaceiPhoto in Mac OS X devices.


Photos for Mac will provide sooth integration between iCloud, desktop and iPhone as Apple has begun to focus on cross -platform integration. The company stated that it would release the new software by specific though it did not mention a specific date. However, developers can get their hand on the beta version of the photos app.The beta app did reveal the features of the software with a new interface and the similarities with the earlier software. Photos in the app are grouped based on the timeline and categorized under Collections and Years. Unlike iPhotos, the new software allows to view more pictures. Tools can be easily accessed from the toolbar and are not scattered.

The toolbar also includes shortcuts to photos like shared images, albums and projects. Users can also favorite photos and share via third-party services like Tumblr with the help of sharing extension from the Mac App Store. More functionalities have been added to the editing tools along with the Auto button which automatically can enhance an image.

More advanced settings like balance and white are included, though it lacks some pro-level tools like aperture. The company hopes that the new app will satisfy a section of photo enthusiasts and it also understands the user’s need for Adobe Lightroom.

Syncing the images is one of the major features as even edited photos will be synced across iPhones or iPads within seconds and can be viewed in the photo library. It remains unclear on how the software will perform on earlier versions of OS X and a few bugs remain as well. The final release will include several improvements or added features.

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