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Verizon may face investigation owing to Supercookies

Verizon comes under of the radar of the United States Senators as they call in the Federal regulators to investigate the supercookies. According to the reports, suspicion suggests that Verizon is using its Supercookies to track down web traffic of its users. Further allegations suggest that it is not only Verizon and AT&T have been using the Supercookies for long enough now. A top Democrat from the United States Senate Commerce Committee is personally asking the Federal Investigators to launch a detailed probe against the use of Supercookies.


The Supercookies allows the telecommunication companies to track down the data usage of their customers on their smartphones and tablets. Some kind of irremovable codes is being used by the companies to track down the data usage of the customers. The initial reports were made by the Washington post in November last year. AT&T took prompt action and discontinued the practice.

In a recent turn of event, Verizon has stated that they will allow the users to opt out of the program if they wish for. But as it happens, the step might just have come a bit too late as the Senators are all set to get to the bottom of the scenario. To be precise, four Democrats: Nelson, Edward Markey, Richard Blumenthal and Brian Schatz, have already sent a letter to the FCC and FTC demanding a detailed investigation of the issue.

In other words, Verizon may have created the option to walk out of the Supercookies, but it may just be too late. The experts believe that the Supercookies are even a potential threat to national security. According to the statement released by Verizon, the telecommunication company has stated that it takes its customers seriously and will ensure that nothing out of the course happens.

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