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Virginia State to collect DNA for more offences

Forensics have helped catch many criminals and therefore it is important to have DNA samples of all the suspects, convicts, or anyone who is involved in a felony. The state of Virginia is now trying to collect more and more DNA samples to help the forensics identify the convicts extremely fast.dna-test-virginia

Most criminals who are arrested have to give their DNA samples to the lab, but now the lawmakers want DNA samples for many other offenses as well. This will ensure that the forensic lab will have samples of all the offenders who did petty crimes in the past. The list of offenses will expand if the new law is passed and many new offenses will be added to it.

While big crimes like sexual assault, robbery, kidnapping, murder, arson, burglary, child abuse, manslaughter already require a DNA sample from the offenders now the list will include more offenses. Indecent exposure, trespassing, obscene, sexual display, stalking and minor abuse will be included to the list of offenses that require DNA sample. The new bill will be helpful in controlling crime in Virginia and building the DNA databank will help a lot in the future. Virginia will adopt this bill because it has been already building the DNA databank for violent felonies. But there are many unsolved cases and they will be solves if more offenses are added to the list and the forensics have more samples with them to match and run tests on.

Many crimes are not reported and these petty criminals commit a bigger offense every time. This step will ensure more safety as offenders will be scared to repeat such an offense with the fear of getting a sample match during forensic check. Also technology used in the right direction will turn out to be fruitful.

What do you think? The Collection of DNA on arrest is a great move or not, let us know in the comments.

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