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GTA5 Online launched today and there is server “roadblock” as expected

Rockstar Games launched the online gameplay for its multi-million most expensive game ever made – Grand Theft Auto V as per the schedule.


In order to play the GTA Online, you need to download the software update and it can be found in the menu screen, accessed by the start button. The online version of GTA5 is now accessible in UK, AU and US on Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 consoles. However, there will be a downloadable game title for the game of 52MB for Xbox and 39MB for PS3. Company has scheduled the launch at this morning on around 7AM, but some of the users who tried to access has got the “Server issue” because of the roadblock caused to the hosted servers.

Recently, one of the spokespersons of Rockstar games said that there will be a massive server support prior to the online game launch to smooth run the game during the early load of users. The company has also noted that the first few months will be focused on enhancing the game experience as well as smooth access of online game and it will enter into the next phase soon once the game works well. But, despite the early preparations, the server issues arose and many users complaining that server is not willing to let few users in and displays “waiting for other players”.

Read the online game details and first day access info posted in the official blog of the developer.

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