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Florida state bans texting while driving – effectively from today – Oct.1st

Florida state has finally moving towards the history by officially banning “texting while driving” an Governor Rick Scott to sign SB 52 in South Florida (Alonzo and Tracy Mourning High School in North Miami) on Tuesday – October 1st.

Florida state bans "texting while driving" effective from Tuesday - Oct.1st.
Florida state bans “texting while driving” effective from Tuesday – Oct.1st.

Under this new law, Florida joins the other states of United States of America in banning texting and driving. Florida and Texas were left behind in this regard and Texas House passed the bill on last April. According to the law, as a secondary offence, before being ticketed for texting while driving, those drivers must be stopped for a separate violation of traffic.

Gov. Rick Scott aid in a statement:

“Its a perfect time to sign this new law. As a father and a grandfather, texting while driving is something that concerns me when my loved ones are on the road,” said Scott. “The 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are known as the deadliest days on the road for teenagers.”

Moreover, AAA foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a survey in 2012 and concluded that 2/3 of drivers admitted that they read texts and email while driving, which hadn’t only included the teenagers. Some advocates believe that this law will not going to change the people’s behavior and they think that the $30 fine is too weak and prefer to make this as a primary offense with higher fine. And the opinions from people of Florida is mixed on the new law. What is your view o the new law?


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