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Apple iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 Review: Bugs and Fixes

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is upgrading the iOS operating system with iOS 8.1.3 basically modeled for iPhone 6 Plus and other devices soon. However, the update is not gigantic in itself, but it seems Apple wants to fix all the bugs and promises to give the user a better experience. With this mini update of Apple iOS, one can experience best experience that is associated with this update.apple-ios-8-unveiling

iOS 8.1.3, is the recent update launched last week for the Apple devices. After announcing the release of Operating system iOS 8.2 in the early part of this year, Apple came up with an update right before the release of iOS 8.2 which is suspected to be a mini update from Apple. Nevertheless, the iOS beta is rolling down soon and one can expect its release between the month of March and April. Apple has been constantly doing a good job with its iOS 8 improvements and thus one can have a closer look before updating this mini update from Apple. The reviews are positive and there a few things to consider upon:

Installation of iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 update

The iOS 8.1.3 at first place knocks down the jailbreak for iPhone 6. If you happen to trust the jailbreak tweaks and iOS 8 for customizing your device, then I would advise you not to download this application. In case, you have already upgraded the device,  you may even think of downgrading the device to iOS 8.1.2 until Apple closes down to grab such opportunity. But the update has been just launched, so you may  take the privilege of doing so. However, it is essential to make a note that not every iPhone reacts in the same way with the application, services and hardware in the way iPhone 6 Plus reacts. Here goes the suggestion if you should be actually downloading iOS 8.1.3 update.

This is a small update for the large phone which closes the jailbreak but it does not influence the security system of the device. Apple iPhone 6 Plus in fact checks the better performance after the update. Apple iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.3 review probably acts a guide to the performance of this iPhone. However, the similar update on the other devices such as iPhone 4 appears to be troublesome. The iOS 8.1.3 update varies a lot from one another, but if you are looking for this update in the iPhone 6 Plus then this certainly it is worth updating. The update on the device manages well, if tested on the Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Alien Blue HDE OTP, My Fitness Pal and others. Other major areas of concern that there is no landscape issue as it was seen in the earlier cases.

iOS 8.1.3 Battery Life

Apple iPhone 6 Plus remains unchanged after the update of 8.1.3 battery life. After a complete day’s engagement, the battery of the cell phone hardly dies up, unless it is strained through the poor coverage or done with the full brightness. If you happen to face any issue there, then check out the iOS 81.3 battery life guide.

Wi-Fi Cellular Data and Bluetooth

This small update in Apple iPhone 6 Plus knocks down the cellular connectivity and it does not influence Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular. However, one might have to repair the Bluetooth headset and it will remain connected to the keyboard. After the update iPhone 6 Plus stays functional to the personal hotspot.

Bugs and Issues

Users concerned with the reporting a variety of iOS 8.1.3 problems on iPhone 6 Plus would not find major issues concerned. However, there is a bit of landscape issues, but we hope that it may settle down soon.


As far as the speed is concerned, iPhone 6 Plus launched by the Apple brand and it is reported to be incredibly fast. Thus, by downloading this minor update, one does not seem to slow down. Is it worth downloading? The million dollar question is whether one should download this update or not. As far as iPhone 6 Plus is concerned, it is worth installing unless is delectable about the jailbreak. However, it is suggestive that one must investigate issues related to multiple application. You can also wait for the nearest update iOS 8.2 release, which is supposed to come by early 2015.

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