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Web WhatsApp for PC also works in Mac – No downloads, no installations

Most smartphone users use WhatsApp, an instant messaging service that was acquired by Facebook Inc in 2014. It is already on the roll on mobiles as its user-base is increasing with every Android, iPhone activations, daily.Whatsapp

The great mobile app recently launched an online version for the web lovers. Yes, the mobile application is great for users on the move, but having a web-based experience is something craved by many, who sit in front of a desk and like to text directly on the phone. WhatsApp for Web is new and it is rolled out with basic features only. The company plans to make it a full-fledged running online app once things are stabilized.

Recently, we have posted a step by step guide on using WhatsApp on PC and gave you an in-detail post on Web.WhatsApp. Now, you should know that you can’t only use WhatsApp on PC, but also you can use WhatsApp on Mac computers as well. As of now, Web WhatsApp supports only Google Chrome browser. Android application‘s replica is working fine, but iPhone application‘s replica will be coming soon.

Get started with WhatsApp for Web on Mac:

  1. Make sure you have Google Chrome installed before you start
  2. Also updating WhatsApp application on your smartphones is mandatory for WhatsApp web to work properly
  3. Connect your phone with Internet 24/7
  4. Now open WhatsApp web in Chrome http://web.whatsapp.com.
  5. Start your mobile application simultaneously and choose WhatsApp Web from the menu.
  6. The QR code available in your browser will be read by the QR code reader on your smartphone.
  7. Having an Android smartphone is beneficial here as this won’t work on your iPhones
  8. You are good to go, after the code is scanned

This works well as you get to type quickly via your keyboard. But not all functionality is supported here. You cannot change your profile picture or block a nagging contact through the web version. This is an initial release and we expect it to get better with time. After all WhatsApp is now a Facebook owned business and they know how to make the web application more useful.

Since you might not be fully satisfied with this half baked pie called WhatsApp for Web, we bring you the ultimate way to get a mobile like fully functional WhatsApp for your Mac. Using BlueStacks you can achieve this and download WhatsApp for your Mac. It is an Android emulator (Andyroid, YouWave, BlueStacks etc.) that will make your life easier and give you an exact functioning replica of the mobile application running on your Mac after you install it.

Step by step, easy and Do it yourself guide to WhatsApp installation on your Mac:

  1. Before you install WhatsApp you need to install the Android Emulator on Mac, called BlueStacks
  2. BlueStacks can be downloaded from www.bluestacks.com
  3. Install the App player BlueStacks for Mac. Now you are ready to proceed with WhatsApp installation
  4. Search for WhatsApp on the Android emulator
  5. Select and install the application, but beware that it allows only one number per device. You cannot use the same number you use on your smartphone. Go for BlueStacks if you are not a smartphone user yet, or you use Mac more than you use your mobile.
  6. Download WhatsApp messenger and you will have to verify the number you enter
  7. Post verification you can start sending messages to your contacts via BlueStacks Android emulator’s WhatsApp.

Let us know if you faced any problems while installing WhatsApp for Mac in the comments.

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