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Apple iOS 8.1.3: fixing common bugs and issues after updating iPhone/iPad

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has released the latest iOS 8.1.3 update recently that fixed several bugs and reduced storage dependence, though many bugs and issues remain. Here is the common bugs and issues that were reported by several users after the update and ways to fix them.apple

A common complaint is the reduced battery life and heating issues following the update. Though iPad Mini users provided a positive feedback on performance improvements, there were reports of battery percentage jump issue. Among iPhone series, iPhone 6 users faced severe battery drain issues. Other users had difficulty installing the update apart from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, email, freezing apps and device crash issues.

If the device is stuck during installation of an update, the simple fix is to hold power and home buttons until a the device reboots. Users facing 3G data issues can either Toggle Off by accessing Cellular > Cellular Data and turn it on again. A network reset by accessing Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings is another way to fix the bug. Another fix is to switch on and off Airplane mode to fix data issues.

Bluetooth issue which was actually solved in the previous 8.1.2 update has once again made its way into the iOS 8.1.3 update. The issue can be solved only by a device reset, Settings > General > Reset All Settings. For app freezing issues, the only way is to keep the latest version of third-party apps by updating it. For automatically update  apps, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and Toggle Update On.

Some users have posted about solving battery drain and heating issues by disabling iCloud Keychain feature by accessing Settings > iCloud Keychain and toggle Keychain Off. The background app refresh can be turned off for rarely used apps and turning off Auto-Brightness feature can save battery life. If issues still remain, the last resort is to completely reset the device via Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

While the latest update from Apple fixed several bugs and a stable update, issues continue to disappoint iPad and iPhone users. The company is currently testing out iOS 8.2 update, with a focus on Apple Watch though it might include a few fixes as well. For the time being, bugs and issues are continuously being posted on Apple Support Communities pages which might prompt the company to release a 8.1.4 update.

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