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Apple iPhone Sales Hurts Android Phones Market Share in 2014

2015 has been a great year for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). Be it the App store earnings announcements or the sales of its flagship devices, mainly iPhones, everything has been soaring for Apple Inc. This is hurting Android activations as more people are opting for iOS devices and Android smartphone makers are complaining of a sudden fall in their sales.iphone-6-camera

Tim Cook has announced that in Q4 most of the iPhone 6 buyers switched from Android rather than upgrading from the previous version of iPhone series. Android and iOS war is not new. Since, two big companies sell the most handsets of the respective software; Samsung and Apple are always racing each other for the number one spot. Right now it is claimed by Apple again as Samsung is behind the sales numbers for Q4. The statistics show that Android shipments have fallen embarrassingly and Apple sales have been higher and now globally, Apple has more market share for smartphones than Samsung.

The lack of innovation by Samsung in 2014 is evident in the loss of the much coveted number one position in the smartphone industry. Apple launched two iPhone sin 2014, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus namely. Although there were rumors like Bendgate and initial iOS update glitches, but Apple came out strong. The trust of its users was significant in this Q4 statistics.

Samsung has a chance to recover and increase its shipments with much hyped Samsung S6 smartphone, which will be launched very soon. It is facing competition from everywhere as Google, Motorola, Apple and many other companies are rolling out affordable and innovative smartphones this year.

The debate over which software and handsets are better might not be settled by loyalists bragging about the features, but right now the people’s favorite is Apple and Samsung has to show something amazing to win people and attract consumers towards Android all over again.

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