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Snapchat Best Friends list to come back again

Snapchat is set to bring back the Best Friends list feature back to the app after the removal of the feature on Wednesday. The feature allows other friends to view the top three friends to whom photos are sent and is widely used by stalkers.snapchat

The Best Friends feature is popular among lovers and close friends to keep an eye on the activity. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced that the feature would return to Snapchat but did not mention the exact date. The feature is likely to come up with additional features and a new look when it is added back to the app.

“A few higher profile friends wanted to keep their usernames private,” said Spiegel on the removal of the feature.

The unexpected removal of the feature drew massive backlash from the users, forcing the company to revive the feature. In a few hours after removal of the feature, social networking sites like Facebook and  Twitter were filled with ire from users. Spiegel assured that the feature would be in a new form.

However, the update which removes the feature came up with Discover feature that provided access to curated content from CNN and ESPN. Snapchat described the update was based on the need on social media companies and they saw things differently. The company added that it depended on editors and artists to determine what is important and not based on clicks and shares.

While the CEO has mentioned celebrity privacy as the reason for the removal of the feature, he has not stated why he gave importance to their requests when there were several other app users. For the time being, users will have to wait for an update with the improved Best Friends feature that might include more privacy options.

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