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The Oatmeal’s ‘Exploding Kittens’ is the most backed Kickstarter ever

Exploding Kittens, an offbeat card game produced by the collaboration between video game designers Elan Lee and Shane Small and The Oatmeal illustrator Matthew Inman has become the single most backed Kickstarter of all times. There is still a significant amount of time left for its campaign to end.exploding-kittens

Since its launch on January 20, exploding kittens has now raised $4,979,447, an amount which is well beyond the initial target of $10,000 with 126,388 backers. The fact that It reached its $10,000 funding goal in a mere 20 minutes is commendable in itself. People would expect such success to slow down a bit once the project was successfully funded, but those people would be wrong this time as the project still has 19 days to go and hasn’t lost any of its initial momentum.

The game with its quirky illustrations thanks to Inman, who has had several other popular crowd-funding campaigns has been placed in the second spot in the rundown of the most successful campaigns on Kickstarter and surely looks to be heading towards the first. The reputation of Lee and Small, who have previously worked as Xbox video game developers, has been a major contributing factor. Ad Magic is the company that will be manufacturing and shipping exploding kittens. The CEO, Shari Spiro is thrilled with the success of the game.

So what is the game about? In an interview with CNN on Wednesday Lee described, ‘Exploding Kittens’ is a “highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette,” and is aimed at “people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.” Confused much? Visit the project page I’m sure the illustrations will be enough to make things clear.

The Exploding kittens team in its blogpost gave credit to the people who passionately backed the game. “It has everything to do with you. You wonderful people have come together to form the largest community in Kickstarter history, and the numbers keep rising,” the creators wrote.

Kickstarter is a hub for tech related projects everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. It is a platform and a resource for project creators who set a funding goal and deadline. If people like a project, they can pledge money to make it happen. Creators are offering rewards to thank backers for their support. In this case, a $20 donation or more would earn a copy of the game.

For all of the details on the project, check out the official Kickstarter page.

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