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Google Now to pull data from third-party apps

Google Now is set to become more data rich as it will pull in information from more than 30 third-party companies. The search tool and digital assistant built into Android devices and the Chrome browser, including a search app for iOS.google-now

Earlier, the tool only provided information based on past search results, weather, hotel reservations and reading Gmail messages. The results are in the form of “cards” which can be cleared of not needed, though the main aim of the assistant is to show results before people complete the search term.

Now, the digital assistant will include more cards in the Android version based on information from apps like Pandora, Lyft, Ebay, Zillow and others. The app in turn would be more useful and deliver information faster. Google faces a major challenge of finding a solution to provide useful search results and the latest move was a wise move from the company.

Google Now was launched in 2012 when app searches were becoming popular and is also available on Wear smartwatches. As the company noted that more people were relying on search results through apps, the company has opened up to third-party apps for the first time.

According to eMarketer research firm’s latest report in June, Google’s share in mobile search spending is estimated to fall by 64 percent while Yelp share was set to grow. More than two dozen cards will be rolled out to Android users in the coming months, though pans for cards in iOS were not announced.

Users who do not prefer third-party integration can deny permission of using external data through Google Now’s “Web & Web app activity” settings. The settings can be changed later by installing non-Google apps which are automatically taken into the feed by Google Now. With the addition of the new integration, users will see increased interaction with the tool.

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