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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android Lollipop update: What you can expect

With Samsung S5 and Galaxy Note 4 in the market, we were hardly expecting any updates on Galaxy Note 3. But a surprise just arrived; Samsung confirmed that Note 3 in US will be available for update to Lollipop. This has definitely brought a cheer to Note 3 users in the United States. Since many of them were not planning to upgrade to Note 4 they can stay happy to wait for some time and update to Android 5.0.galaxy-note-3

In November 2014, Google confirmed the much anticipated Android version L and named it as Android Lollipop. This is a huge upgrade since many big key features including company’s material design.

Galaxy Note 3 was launched on Android 4.3 and later updated to 4.4 Kitkat. This second jump to 5.0 is definitely a huge update. Samsung updates its instrument for over 2 years and since Note 3 is just a year old this had to fall in sequence of updating after it was announced for Galaxy S5 and Note4. Let’s talk about some of the predictions that the Android Lollipop update can offer for Galaxy Note 3:

1. Anytime it can happen

Though the confirmation of the update has been issued, no specific date has been mentioned. Usually the warning is issued a day or two before the roll out happens. So be prepared that the update can happen any day from now. And of course, then the market will be flooded with rumor dates. The updates will begin with the new version and then roll out for the older version. SO first we need to wait for Galaxy S5 and Note 4 only, after which Note 3 will fall in queue.

2. Which version

Android 5.0 has numerous bugs, thus 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 had already been rolled out. We still have no idea as to which version will be offered to Galaxy Note 3. Though I assume it needs to be on the latest version instead of 5.0 which has lots of bugs. But still it is a matter of time when we get to know the accurate answer.

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3. Fixes for 4.4

We might expect 5.0 to fix the bugs of 4.4 version. But since it has its own set of problems, thus we might not be sure which bugs of previous version of 4.4 will be cleaned out in the latest one. But as the history says no software is perfect we can expect major bugs after updating on Lollipop. Customer service centers may be crowded with all new bugs and customers may get restless with Samsung. Android 5.0 may fix lots of problems, but not all.

4. The Sequence

We are not sure if first Samsung will roll out full updates on all models of Galaxy S5 and Note 4 and then start it for Note 3. But we are still expecting the roll out to complete by June of this year. The reason is very simple, there are still more users of Note 3 than S5 and Note 4 since it is an old phone and widely accepted. We already are in shock that updates for S5 hasn’t started yet which means further delay in updates for Note 3.

5. Slow Roll outs

Previously, Samsung was forced to halt all the roll out due to major issues, which slowed the whole process of updates. This time as well you can expect some phones to update on day one itself, but others may have to wait weeks for full up gradation process. While some carriers are slow sometimes there may be unpredictable problems with the roll out. US carriers have never done multiple roll outs on the same day, so there are always 2-3 carriers, which are delayed by a few weeks before releasing the software update.

We may also expect Samsung to keep adding bug fixes in each upgrade version and thus fix the issues of 5.0 with time. It is not even a year old ad we would want to keep it updated till 24 months.

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