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7 Best Waterproof Android Phones

I have spoiled 3 smartphones in year 2014 because of rains, water spilled by my daughter and once, dropping the phone. Don’t we sometimes have a mail to write which we wish to write while taking a hot bath or sitting in a Jacuzzi? And sometimes thoughts cross our minds which need to be tweeted, but we are in the swimming pool. While out on a beach with family, we would cover up mobiles in 2-3 layers of poly bags to safeguard it from a water splash.

Last year mobile companies tried luring clientele to offer new phones which may get closer to the water and allows being less frightened to spoil our latest Android phones. There were waterproof coatings and seals available in the market, but they make our sleek phones bulky to handle. So now new technology is creeping in for our skinny phones to make them splash-sustaining phones.

The phones are more about water-resistant and not water-proof. They are marked with different level of IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating), which classifies the degree of water protection. You can read the terminology of the rating from here. Here are top 7 picks of Android Phones available which are a step closer to waterproof:

Sony Xperia Z3

Like its predecessor, Z2, Xperia Z3 has an IP rating of IP55 and IP58. This means the phone can be continuously immersed in 1meter deep water. Water may enter the phone, but will cause no damage since the instrument is hermetically sealed. This means you can receive a call in the rain and click pictures underwater.  Z3 has better battery life and camera sensor technology than Z2 with a screen size of 5.2 inches.


Samsung Galaxy S5

This phone has a rating of IP67, which means it is absolutely protected against dust and can be submerged in 1m water for not more than 30 minutes. Brand Samsung has a bigger benefit of great after-sales service and good online discussion forums. It also has a screen size of 5.1 inches with 2GB RAM and 2.5GHz quad-core processor. Amongst all it has a decent amount of battery life.


Kyocera Hydro Elite

Not many would be familiar with this company, but it is one of the best mobile makers to launch waterproof phones. It is available only through Verizon Wireless and it’s not factory unlocked. It has a unique sound technology, which would clear the disturbance in the sound even of rains or horns in the background. Its IP rating is of IP57 which means it can be submerged under  1m water under directed instructions.


Kyocera Hydro Life

One more product from Kyocera, this is more budget friendly with a cost of $125. It is drop-proof, shock-proof and water-proof with a rating of IP67. The screen size of 4.1 inches and quad core processor with quite a high battery life makes it quite a competitor amongst expensive smartphones.


Motorola MOTO G

Motorola was one of the initiators, some years back, of making water-resistant phones, but not many paid attention that time. But it is back with a bang with its MOTO G which not only has the latest processor, but comes with a water-resistant nano coating. It does not have an IP rating, but it is a good phone to handle dampness and small water spill with kids around.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Since S5 is a costlier phone you can opt for S4 Active. This phone has a rating of IP67 which means it can survive an accidental fall into the pool or drop in a puddle. The downfall is it has weak CPU and IPS LCD display, but the overall experience is smooth and quite pleasant.


Huawei Honor 3

This phone is not easily available, but it is a good phone for your daily use. It costs less than $200 and has an IP rating of IP57. With a RAM of 2GB and 1.5 GHz quad core Huawei processor, it is definitely a good deal to buy.


There are various water-proof covers also available for your current phone, but they are bulky to carry. You can also opt for applying a water-resistant coating on the screen to cope with sudden spillage or drop.

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