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Microsoft Windows 10, Project Spartan and HoloLens: All you need to know

With Microsoft announcing Windows 10, more details have been revealed about the upcoming software that will be available for free to Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users during its first year of sale. The working of Windows 10 and the unique features of the software remains to be seen after its release.larger-15-WINDOWS10-MSHoloLens1

Cortana, the digital voice based assistant will be included in Windows 10 which was earlier available only in Windows phones. The voice assistant can be used for searching files including searching photos in a specific time frame, dictate, sending emails and weather forecasts. Jeff Kagan, an independent technology analyst mentioned that blending in Cortana could be a big hit.

Another major update in the software will be the latest DirectX 12 Windows gaming API that will connect the software and hardware of PC’s with game and other Windows-based softwares. Project Spartan, the successor to Internet Explorer will make use of Cortana while browsing websites and might pop up reminding users that the menu might suit the user’s diet.

However, Project Spartan might not be released along with Windows 10 and will be released later. Microsoft has included a standard view of web content for easy viewing experience and built-in support of PDF files. Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President of the Operating Systems group stated that Calendar, Photos, Maps, People and Music apps have been revamped.

For gamers, Windows is bringing in a DVR function to record gameplay and an Xbox app that will be available for PC and tablets. DirectX 12 claims to consume half the power of DirectX 11 and will be a boon to mobile gamers. A Microsoft executive stated that Unity studio has already adopted DirectX 12.

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With the release of the new software, Microsoft is expected to fix the shortcomings, it faced in Windows 8.1 like the lack of support for third-party apps. Smartphone users are also hoping that the software will run without any issues.

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Microsoft has also unveiled HoloLens, the holographic three-dimensional headset along with the release of the Windows 10 preview build. HoloLens is quite similar to AG devices like Epson’s Moverio as there is interaction with digital content. Microsoft has improved the design and build of the AR glasses capable of projecting holograms and competing with Virtual reality headsets like Project Morpheus from Sony and Oculus Rift. The new technology will depend on voice and gestures and will not have any attached wires or keyboard. The event showcased the HoloLens in action and lacked the details of the hologram features.

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