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North Carolina to get Google Fiber Internet soon

The fastest and best search result provider Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is now trying to help people with better internet access all over the world. The company’s in-house project Google Fiber is trying to bring high-speed broadband to many cities in the US. Next in line after Texas, Utah and Kansas is North Carolina. The project is expanding and reaching into those parts of the country where internet speeds are not that high. The goal is to connect everyone to the internet and provide high speed access to the web.google-fiber logo

Google Fiber has speed up to 1,000 Mbps, which is incredibly fast. Google is deploying fiber cables and slowly and steadily becoming an Internet service provider also. The company follows a policy of Do no Evil and is therefore taking steps at its own pace. It has applied to the FCC for expansion in more cities and will be limited in reach at the very outset of this broadband journey.

The residents of the Triangle will be happy soon as Google Fiber is reaching North Carolina next. This hundred times faster broadband could help the IT businesses greatly. There will be smooth and affordable internet for all and no waiting time for downloads. Media and large videos can be easily streamed, downloaded without any hassle with Google Fiber broadband. A 100 MB file will be downloaded in nanoseconds and you can get many things done within a short duration. This thing is not possible with any other ISPs and Google is trying to set the bar a lot higher for them to come even closer.

With internet services Google is surely tapping into the right industry, which has a lot more to offer to its consumers. If all steps and approvals are taken correctly, the day is not far when all the US states and cities will be running a super speed broadband internet from Google.

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