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T-Mobile Smartphone Equality: Bad credit score isn’t a problem

Get a new phone from T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) as the company is coming out with a new deal, where it takes care of your bad credit score in the past and give you a new offer for new connections and plans. Not that everyone has a bad credit score has to opt for T-Mobile but it is a great option if you are looking to buy a new phone but have credit issues in the past.t-mobile-smartphone-equality

T-Mobile is offering you this amazing deal and willing to forget about your credit reputation. The deal is called Smartphone Equality. The customers with bad credit in the past are often not catered to by any service provider. This attempt by T-Mobile will surely help many customers.

Giving wireless and smartphones to customers on the basis of loyalty is what T-Mobile is focusing on. The deal is for all the customers who pay their bill on time for about 12 months. This way T-Mobile gives them a chance to buy a great smartphone at an exclusive price.

This attempt will also help increase mobile penetration of the entire US as more consumers will own a smartphone as opposed to before. The importance of a smartphone cannot be stressed more as it keeps you connected with the world and gives you immense amount of opportunity and participation. The $0 deal where you can payback within 24 months is often given to customers with a good credit score.

Analysts are also praising the deal and telling that it will help T-Mobile gain a big chunk of customers. You can purchase without any worry and payback as T-Mobile gives you the deal and makes you credible. Not more getting disqualified on the basis of your past credit problems. Choose T-Mobile and look beyond that. Become a well-qualified customer and gain the reputation you seek. Make sure you pay bills on time and the rest will be handled by T-Mobile.

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