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Sony to delay Q3 earnings results citing cyber-attacks

Sony (NYSE:SNE) is likely to delay Q3 earnings results by a month instead of the scheduled February 4th. The press conference will be held on the date to announce the financial quarter and financial regulators have been urged to extend the filing of data until March 31.sony-hack-interview2-400x400

The company revealed that it has requested Japanese regulators to post the earnings report the next month. The massive cyber-attack crippled the company after “The Interview”, a film based on North Korean leader was scheduled for release on Christmas. Several reports have confirmed that more leaks from the hack attack are expected in the coming days.

Michael Lynton, Sony Entertainment head is expected to issue apologies in advance if public information and contract details of One Direction, Adele, Beyonce, AC/DC and David Bowie is leaked. Secret corporate data and information have already caused enough embarrassment for the company after they were leaked online in November.

Sony Music employees were also being reported to be “really stressed their stuff is going to get leaked”. The information will include medical records, salaries and contracts that could be leaked online. However, the film gained much popularity due to the publicity and raked in about $40 million from internet releases and small-screen formats.

The company mentioned that the attack has caused issues in financial and accounting applications including integral information applications. Sony will be able to file its earnings report only when its units are fully functional and will take time till mid-February.

Technicians are already working hard to restore the systems, the company added. It still remains unclear if the entire attack was carried out single-handedly by North Korean hackers or if there was an involvement of an insider. The company is also concerned at the least amount of data that has been leaked though several gigabytes of data were hacked and could be leaked anytime.

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