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Microsoft Windows 10: what users are expecting?

It is quite a few days past when Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has released its Windows 10 operating system and probably, this is a recent update for all devices running on the Windows operating system. Windows based phone companies are now expecting a better hike in their consumer’s space. The company is now approaching to explore the different dimensions of entertainment and productivity. Soon Microsoft is expected to launch the new update regarding the Windows 10. This will draw the clear picture of what new one can think about Microsoft update.microsoft-windows-10

What one can check with Windows 10?

People are expecting to hear more and more about the Microsoft update on Windows 10. Nowadays people are  expecting this operating system to be pre-installed on their desktop or Notebook. Windows 10 mobile is rumored to replace all the operating systems like Windows Phone and Windows RT. Right now, Windows RT is working on Surface 2 tablet. By launching new Windows 10, Microsoft has also planned to blow a tough fight to the Ios operating system. The reports say that the windows 10 will be launched first time this week and thereafter available to the public review.

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Does it look different on different devices?

Yes, Microsoft has worked very hard to cope with all the expectation on different operating system and devices. Windows 8 did not meet up all the expectations rightly. It went bad with lots of devices as Microsoft alienated a lot of users. What was really bad with Windows 8 was the start screen that appeared too basic to the users. Again, it was too rudimentary for tablet users as some it was not supplemented with the suitable user interface. Microsoft is now determined to take a different approach with Windows 10.  Users will be facilitated with the multiple user interface for various types of devices. Probably rumors say that desktop users will have a taskbar along with the desktop while Notebook users without key-board users may expect the similar Start Screen.

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Since Windows 10 is also for the tablet users, so Microsoft has planned assimilating different stores. Locating a different store on the web appeared little difficult and clumsy, so Microsoft has tried merging all the application in a single store. Similarly, developers will be able to create more feasible applications on Xbox One, Windows 10 phones and tablets and Notebooks. While upgrading Microsoft’s operating, the biggest target was Microsoft’s ecosystem along with its bigger install base.

Do I need install new gadget for using Windows 10?

No, you do not need any extra expenditure for installing Windows 10. As for the hardware requirements, Windows 10 does not need any upgrading. It will support any device that runs on Windows Vista or for that matter Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, some of the Windows Vista system might get some concerns regarding the installation issue, but Microsoft will suggest you to go for the straight upgrade and customers will have to go for the fresh update to get the Windows 10 technical preview.

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If you happen to find yourself in the complete mess with Windows 8 then Windows 10 would likely solve all your problems.

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