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Is your WhatsApp not working? Try these methods to fix it

If you’re having trouble connecting to your WhatsApp, first try following these suggested steps which are usually the simplest and effective solution. Firstly, switch your device off and then power up again after a few minutes. After you have done this, do the same with your Wi-Fi and airplane mode switches on your device.Whatsapp

If you can, see if there are any other hotspots available to connect to and test. This will determine whether the problem is with a service provider or with the App itself. It’s also a good idea to reboot your Wifi router at least once to ensure that it is not just a momentary router glitch.

If after taking these steps you are still not able to connect, it’s recommended to make sure you have upgraded WhatsApp to the latest version. You can do this by clicking on the ‘download now’ button. Once the download has been completed, simply open the file to activate the installation. Also make sure that your data is enabled by going into your settings (data usage>menu button) and making sure that the ‘restricted background data’ is unchecked.

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Double check that your phone is not using a proxy connection. If you are unsure, please contact your mobile service provider. You can also contact them to make sure that your APN settings are properly configured, which can occasionally be the problem.

If none of these steps have got you back on WhatsApp, it is suggested as a final measure to delete and reinstall the App. Be aware that this will erase previous chat history, so ensure you run a manual backup beforehand. Also make sure that your device upgrades to its latest version to ensure all programs are running smoothly and up to date.

Most often when there are problems with an App, a few minutes is all that is needed to get things back up and running. There can be many reasons that a signal is delayed, but the problems will usually resolve themselves with time and patience. Please visit www.Whatsapp.com for more information and platform specific connection troubleshooting steps.

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  1. is this works.

  2. Minani Onesphore Walker

    I have tried to download but it not working out.

  3. I bought a small mobile @900/-…..and it supports whatsapp.
    excitedly i activated it with my number..
    Next day,it did not work…i restarted my mobile..
    Again i try to activate it,but it shows"your number is blocked by whatsapp team"….i tried to activate in another android mobile but it shows "your number will no longer support "..then closed.
    Plz help me fnds

  4. Whatsapp can't open .already using it

  5. My what's app is not connecting

  6. My whatsaap is stopped I don't no why

  7. My whats app is stopped I don't know y

  8. I used to see the status of friends in the title bar whether Online; Typing; Recording, and
    th last time they accessed Whatsapp. Now, those features have disappeared. How do I restore them?

  9. its shows insufficient storage

  10. My whatsapp is not working. First it was with verification but now de process continued to installation area and it has been stuck there for a long time. I've tried rebooting. I've installed and installedthree times. What should I do now. Please help

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  12. wats app is there im my mobile but it is nt working in my mobile my mobile name rage rayon

  13. Hy
    Can u help me solving the whatsapp problem ?

  14. Also WhatsApp can be blocked by country like in Saudi Arabia or UAE for example. In such cases it is better to use vpn to bypass restrictions. How to do this:

  15. its not updating from yeterday as day before yesterday it became absolute cuurrent version now whts app not updating and i am no able to open it .I am trying from yesterday

  16. watsupp is not downloading files

  17. i have tried to install it on my pc, it would say open setup log which means installation failed, what can i do now, i realy need this

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