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Apple iPhone 6/Plus: Best 3 Free Email Management Apps

With iOS 8, Apple definitely made its native Mail app much more useful and better than ever by adding some decent features, but for those power users who like to get the most out of their inbox, the Mail app is still a far cry from other powerful third-party alternatives.

We take a look at 3 such awesome third-party mail apps that you can use to get the most out of your email on iPhone:

1: CloudMagic


At first sight CloudMagic seems like a basic email client due to its clean and minimalist user interface, but inside there’re several powerful options that make it the best email management app in App Store. For example:

  • Connects to almost any type of email account: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, AOL, MAP and so on…
  • Fast magical search allows you to search for emails faster than ever.
  • Smart cards allow you to save your emails directly to your desired productivity apps like Evernote, Todoist, Pocket, OneNote, Salesforce, Zendesk, MailChimp, Asiana etc.
  • Connects to a variety of cloud storage services to make file attachments easier. Google Drive, One Drive, cloud, Dropbox all are supported.
  • Allows you to attach a reminder to any email in a super easy manner.
  • A clever edit mode of app allows you to edit multiple email conversations together.
  • You can easily archive or delete messages by swiping them from one side to another.
  • And finally, protect your email with a passcode – best for protecting your email from others when you don’t have physical access to the device.

But the best part is this – it’s STILL FREE!

2: Mailbox


If you get a lot of emails and would like to keep your inbox “zero” then Mailbox is the app you should be using on your iPhone. This simple-yet-powerful email app has been designed solely for the purpose of keeping your inbox empty, and it does the job really well by making clever use of swipe functionality. Given below is a sneak peek of what you get when you use this app:

  • Archive, delete or even snooze an email, all with the help of swipe functionality. Every single swiping style has been assigned a different function. When you snooze an email for a certain amount of time, it disappears from your inbox and then re-appears after the time has passed. Quite good for conversations that you’re not yet ready to archive but for now don’t want to see in the inbox either.
  • It’s an app developed by Dropbox Inc., so needless to say that it has Dropbox integration as well. You can easily attach files from your Dropbox account to emails due to this functionality.
  • Get the Mac app of Mailbox and see what a fluid email management experience both apps can provide you together.

Sadly, Mailbox works with Gmail and iCloud only. Support for other accounts may also be on the way, but so far there’s no word about it.

3: Acompli


Productivity on the Go! This is how you can describe Acompli in 4 simple words. Given below are its major features:

  • It’s not only an email inbox – it’s a full productivity suite with a fully-featured calendar, a file viewer that supports Google Drive, Dropbox and your email attachments and a very useful address book that connects your files and email conversations with correspondents for easy retrieval.
  • Despite its powerful functionality, it keeps things simple – swipe left to archive or delete a message, tap “Edit” to bulk edit multiple conversations and so on…
  • Sort conversations easily according to read/unread status, attachments or flagged/unflagged status.
  • Attach a variety of files while composing your messages like photos from a camera roll, attachments that you received in email or any other file that resides in any of your cloud storage accounts.
  • Share your location, invite to any event and even times when you’re available.

In short, if you use Acompli, you carry your whole office wherever you go. If you like carrying a whole lot of productivity with you, Acompli is the app that you need on your iPhone.

So these were our recommendations to users who like maintaining zero inbox to focus on conversations that matter the most. Get one for yourself and start managing your email in a smarter way.

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