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Nintendo Tie up with Tesco to Boost Wii U

An Ailing Wii U is all set to get a boost as the ambitious Nintendo has booked an in-store space at Tesco. Lack of awareness that the Wii U is a new console among the people is all set to change as the company plans to engage in a massive campaign to educate kids and parents especially Wii users.


Tesco would send a five page leaflet and a voucher offering money-off to about 300,000  Tesco customers who own a Wii and who are on plans of getting a new console. These efforts would top the company’s ads for its Top Franchises like Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Mario which would continuously run from half-term to Christmas. Massive online activity, national press advertorials and major out-of-home promotional tours are aimed at reaching 300,000 customers.

Nintendo said that the marketing budget of Wii and 3DS combined is”Significantly higher than that of last year. “We haven’t had the sales that we wanted on Wii hardware. We haven’t had the software  for most of this year. But we have some quite ambitious numbers, particularly with some of our biggest franchises coming,” said Shelly Pearce UK marketing director.

“Interest is starting but we know we have a lot of work to do,” she added.

Kids and parents are the main target of Nintendo unlike PS4 and Xbox which has a different audience. “Winning over Nintendo fans will prove crucial,” Pearce added.

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