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An average Super Bowl ticket priced at $3950

Just in case you are planning to go for the Super Bowl and cheer for your favorite team, You might just want to wait and think again. According to the analysis forwarded by TiqIQ.com, the average price for the ticket to the Super Bowl match between the Seahawks and the Patriots will certainly burn a hole in your wallet. The average price of the tickets for the Super Bowl match is approximately $3900. An interesting fact is that with this price, you can easily buy 4 HD televisions and watch the Super Bowl match. On a serious note, the analysis shows that the average price has fallen by approximately $100.
According to the statistics, the average price at this time last year was around $4050 and a year before that it was $3083. The ticket with the highest pricing is for $17,800, which will allow you a seat in the lower central part of the stadium. On the other hand, the so called cheapest tickets will come at $1857. If this is not enough, let us scan through the ticket prices for a luxury box.  According to TiqIQ.com, the prices for the luxury boxes range from $726,000 to approximately $1 million.

According to the other part of the story, the tickets are being sold at a lesser price than the listed values. The statistics show that the average price at which the tickets have been sold till now is approximately $3000, which is nearly $1000 less that the asking price. The general trend is that as the Super Bowl comes closer, the asking prices tend to fall. The prices are at its low in the final two weeks before the Super Bowl game. Last year the lowest priced ticket sold on the last day was at $1514.

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