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Virgin Mobiles rolls out cheaper data sharing and unlimited plans

Virgin mobile is all set to take the competition to a new level as the wireless network provider has announced new contract free data sharing plans. Along with this, the network provider is also set to roll out new unlimited single plans very soon. According to the reports, Virgin Mobile will roll out the various new offers from 17th January. The experts believe that this is one of the steps taken by Virgin Mobile to cut down the competition from services providers like Verizon and AT&T.Virgin Mobiles rolls out cheaper data sharing and unlimited plans

With Virgin Mobiles rolling out the offers, it will be interesting to see how the other major service providers react. According to the news plans under the data sharing section, Verizon will also provide an application which will allow the users to control data sharing and parental control features. In addition, the application can also be used as a mobile hotspot. The benefits do not end here as the users will be able to enjoy an unlimited access to social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. just for $5.

The prices offered by Virgin are slightly more than what is offered by T-Mobile, but the main difference lies in the speed of the connection provided. T-Mobile provides an unlimited, text, call and data plan at $100 but at lesser speeds. On the other hand, they only provide 10 GB of data at 4G LTE speeds, compared to 12 GB at 3G/4G LTE speed from Virgin Mobiles.

According the actual offer, users can get unlimited everything for just $45. The users will have their initial 2.5 GB a month at 4G LTE speeds and the remaining at general one. The offers will only be available at Walmart and will be applicable on select mobile phones. Virgin Mobiles have gone a long way and are already looking to move into more customers this year.

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