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Google calls automakers to build self driving cars

CES 2015, showcased self-driving cars, a technology that was revealed by Google few years ago. While automakers are excited about the prospects of making and selling self-driven cars in the future, Google was absent from the entire event where cars were a main highlight. Google clearly said that they are not in the business of making cars. But in order to commercialize their technology that can change the world, they are in talks with biggest automakers of the world, said Chris Urmson, head of the self-driving car project at Google Inc.google-self-driving-cars-2014-01

The internet giant will supply systems and software to vehicle manufacturers so that successful prototypes can be developed. A practical approach will be in association with car makers where Google’s technology and software will combine with hardware and parts of auto makers. Unlike the Mercedes concept car unveiled at CES 2015, the product Google wants to develop will be extremely intelligent and safe. There will be no steering wheel or accelerator pedal and no brakes even because the car will take you anywhere you by pressing a button.

Such vision by Google will be not be easy to achieve. But top automakers are excited to work in association and work towards achieving that end goal. For testing purposes Google is working with Bosch, Continental, LF Electronics, Nvidia, and Roush, which are ordered to develop prototypes based on Google’s design.

A two-seater pod like car is built by Roush and Google is going to test in in 2015. Chris Urmson, when asked about these cars being approved by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said, ‘’They don’t see any hurdles and they are briefing the regulators from beginning itself. The worst thing Google could do is surprise them.’

We hope by 2020, these self-driven cars are being used globally. However, the automobiles have to be extremely safe and viable by then.

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