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Wearable device maker Recon gets Intel investment

The latest investment by Intel is a move to focus on wearable computing device space. By 2018 juniper analysts expect more than 150 million devices shipped around the world. Intel aims at further pushing itself into wearable device space by making a “significant investment” in Recon Instruments, a company manufacturing Google glass like like headsets. The investment by Intel Capital, the company’s investment arm, will help the 5 year old company from marketing to product development and expansion of sales staff. Recon will also be able to get Intel’s expertise in manufacturing, technology and operations, the companies announced on September 24th. The financial terms of the investment were not disclosed by either of the two.


“I think you’ll start to see our stuff with our silicon towards the end of the year  and the beginning of next year,” Intel CEO Kraznich said. “We’re trying to get our silicon into some of them, create some ourselves, understand the usage and create an ecosystem.”

Snow which is offered by Recon is a system used in Snow goggles which are specially designed for users by adding a series of sensors providing data from navigation, jump airtime and speed via a GPS. Jet, a full heads up display (HUD) that is integrated into sports sunglasses and is aimed at triathletes and bicyclists. A high definition camera, a microphone with speakers, a high resolution display and an optical touch pad are the others features of the Jet. As the project is in the limited edition currently, a full release is expected only next year. Developers will be able to develop a wide range of activities using Jet SDK, which will be created by Recon before the first Recon Jets ship. This would enable Recon to enter industries like healthcare and fitness.

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