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Apple iOS 9 devices leaked in Google Analytics

Several reports from websites around the world had indicated that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is working on the next Apple iOS 9. Devices running the upcoming iOS 9 have been recorded on Google Analytics, confirming that Apple is beta testing the OS.ios9-traffic

Czech website letemsvetemapplem was the first to report that devices running iOS 9 was recorded on Google Analytics during three separate days in January. As Apple has the practice of releasing major updates during July or August it is likely that the company is planning to release the latest OS. CultofMac also claimed that iOS 8 devices showed up in their Analytics in November.

“Traffic from iOS 9 devices peaked last week and has grown every week,” claimed Apple Insider.

Several websites have started to report iOS 9 devices since December indicating that it is being tested at Cupertino. Users can expect the OS to debut at WWDC this summer and details remain limited. However, rumors reveal that Apple would utilize its recent acquisition HopStop  to revamp its Maps while the indoor navigation feature might be included after the acquisition of WifiSLAM.

Siri, Apple’s personal assistant might be made available to third-party applications as the company is slowly opening  its OS to developers as it did in the case of the keyboard. Apart from the release of iOS the rumors indicate that the company might release iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus that will come equipped with dual camera lenses for low-light performance and enhanced optical zoom.

While Apple has been fixing bugs in the iOS 8 in the latest 8.1.3 update slated for release next week, the company is also busy on developing and testing iOS 9. Apple has remained silent on the Analytics reports, though increasing reports from websites around the world suggests that the company might reveal details soon.

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