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Download/Install Web WhatsApp on Desktop PC or Laptop with/without Bluestacks

WhatsApp doesn’t need any introduction, what with, its user base currently running to more than 700 million subscribers. Touching a figure of 1 billion subscribers does not seem to be very far for the Mountain View based company.Whatsapp

Update: You don’t need to go for BlueStacks or any other Android emulator in order to run WhatsApp on your PC now. The company has now released the web version of the messenger that can be run on any desktop PCs. This post will let you know everything about Web WhatsApp for Desktop PC.

However, WhatsApp’s developers, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, have been particularly adamant about restricting the popular messaging app’s use to smart phone only as their original philosophy was to shake up the communications business dominated by giant telecom operators. Even though there have been sporadic news items regarding a possible PC version release for WhatsApp, nothing concrete has been forthcoming as of now. Thus most individuals who do not possess a smart phone are denied the exciting messaging world of WhatsApp. Not only that, such a deficiency also denies smart phone users greater convenience at times when they would rather prefer using WhatsApp on the convenience of their computers than their smart phones.

But the tech world always has workarounds to almost any sort of blockade that exists. WhatsApp found an internet based workaround against the telecom companies’ operated network. Now we have a PC based workaround in the form of Android Emulators. Now one may use any of the popular android emulators that are currently available to start using WhatsApp. In this guide we will help you access and enjoy the super awesome app, ‘WhatsApp’, right on your personal computer. The following information contains a list of successive steps that will guide you towards successfully installing WhatsApp on your personal computer using a popular Android emulator called, ‘BlueStacks’. This guide can be used to download and install WhatsApp for PC and will be compatible for Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32/64) operating systems.

  1. The basic philosophy behind enabling usage of WhatsApp on your PC lies in the ability of ‘android emulators’ to create a virtual hardware environment. However, creating this virtual smart phone hardware on your PC will require intensive graphics usage and therefore in order to avoid any issues during installation of WhatsApp, you are required to make sure that the video graphics drivers in your PC are fully updated.

  1. BlueStacks is an Android emulator that will be required to be installed prior to installation of WhatsApp on your PC. To begin installing WhatsApp on your PC, first you will be required to install ‘BlueStacks’ on your PC. Go to www.bluestacks.com and download and install it on your PC.

  1. After the setup file has been downloaded, the next few steps are pretty easy to follow. You shall be required to merely run the setup file and execute the automatic installation process, which will at times prompt you with very easy-to-follow instructions.

  1. Once the installation process is complete, you will now see a BlueStacks icon has been placed on the desktop of your PC. You will also realize that once started, the interface of the emulator will be analogous to that of an actual android device.

  1. Use the shortcut icon to launch the BlueStacks emulator. Once it is running, you can then access the search tab available on the emulator to locate, ‘WhatsApp’.

  1. After the ‘WhatsApp’ app installer window opens up, click on the install button. Make sure that you are ready with your Google ID credentials because the Play Store will ask you to login using those details before installation can begin.

  1. Click on the install button that will automatically initiate the installation process and terminate itself upon successful installation of the app.

  1. Unlike WeChat, WhatsApp on PC can be used only after it has verified your phone number and synchronized the PC version with the mobile version. Therefore before you start to finally use the app, WhatsApp will ask you to enter your phone number and only then you will be able to login. Input your phone number to continue using WhatsApp. Once you are logged in, all your messages and contacts will get imported.

  1. After the installation is complete, start using the world’s favorite messenger and get connected to your friends.

If you come across any issues during installation, do not forget to talk about it in our comments section, so that we could then improve our guide even more.

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