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Download/Install Snapchat app on Windows 7/8 PC via BlueStacks

Snapchat is an exciting photo messaging application developed by three Stanford University Students. It is a free app that is available on Google’s Android store. With Snapchat you can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings to your images and then send them to your favorite group of friends. These messages containing photos or videos are called ‘Snaps’ and these can be sent to a close group of friends using the Snapchat application. Once you send a ‘Snap’, it will not remain in your friends’ phones for a long time, as it will disappear within any time between 1-10 seconds. You are free to set the timer. Messages are also sent for free.Snapchat-Logo-large

It has already become a highly popular app as according to last year’s data, about 700 million photos and videos traveled through the Snapchat platform, while Snapchat Stories stood at almost 500 million views per day. It has become so popular that Facebook itself decided to come out with its own copy version of Snapchat, which was called the ‘Slingshot’. However, Facebook’s app did not work out really well as Snapchat which now reportedly has about a 100 million daily users.

However, the catch is that the Snapchat has been designed only for smart phone users because of which users who do not possess a smart phone are denied the exciting uses of the Snapchat. That is why we are here, to help you access and enjoy the super awesome app, ‘Snapchat’ without even possessing a compatible device. The following information contains a list of successive steps that will guide you towards successfully installing Snapchat on your personal computer. This guide can be used to download and install Snapchat for PC and will be compatible for Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.

1. Since Snapchat is a graphics intensive app and may require latest functionality from your PC, you will be first required to ensure that the video graphics drivers in your PC are all upgraded to their latest versions. Moreover, for best performance, ensure that your PC has 2 GB of main memory.

2. Make sure that your PC is connected to the internet.

3. After that, go to www.bluestacks.com and download and install it quickly on your PC because this software is available for free. It is very essential for you to first download this software before attempting installation of Snapchat. This is so because BlueStacks enables installation of apps developed for mobile devices only. However, what Bluestacks does is, it creates a virtual mobile hardware environment for your app to get installed on your PC.

4. After the BlueStacks setup.exe file has been downloaded and installed on your PC, you can open the BlueStacks file and interact with its user interface (UI) which has been designed to emulate that of a mobile device.

5. In that Android interface, locate and launch the Google Play Store app. You will have to then search for, ‘Snapchat’ application using the search tab visible on the Google Play Store app.

6. After the ‘Snapchat’ app installer window opens up, click on the install button which will be visible to you on the same window and wait for the installation process to complete. Clicking that button will automatically initiate and terminate after successful installation of the app. However, make sure that you are ready with your Google ID credentials because the Play Store will ask you to login using those details before installation can begin.

Once installed, start firing away your favorite messages and funny images or videos to your friends, or a close select group of friends and enjoy an Android Smartphone experience right on your PC.

If you come across any issues during installation, do not forget to talk about it in our comments section, so that we could then improve our guide even more.

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  1. Please make snapchat for windows phones.

  2. It's not letting me login to my account. I can create a new account and it works. But whenever I try to login, it says it cannot connect to the server….

  3. I have the EXACT same problem. It keeps telling me "There was a problem conectingto the server. Please try again". Does anyone know how to fix this?

  4. I found that I can create a new account and continue to be logged in even after I have closed/restarted the app. However, I also found that if you do log out there is no way to log back in. Not a perfect solution but it is better than not having snapchat

  5. Apparently Snapchat released some authentication protocol that prevents third party devices (like emulators) from running Snapchat now

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