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Android 5.0.3 firmware update for HTC One M7 and M8 will be the final update

Rumors have revealed that Android update 5.0.2 update will be released for HTC One M7 and M8 in the coming weeks. HTC users were promised in November that the Lollipop update will be released within 90 days after access to the source code.gold-htc-one

Developer LlabTooFeR leaked the release date in his tweet and his past rumors have been true. The rumors are supported by screenshots which shows the new Sense UI on the Android L top interface. Several international and developer models of the devices have received the update, keeping with the company’s tradition of updating the top line of the devices.

“Latest news from HTC kitchen, Final M8 Android L (WWE EU) build should be the range 4.16.401.x..ETA – 1-2 weeks,” reads the tweet.

Earlier, TechTastic leaked that the update will be released to M8 on January 3. However HTC has been working on customizing Lollipop to suit its interface and has done a considerable amount of testing for four to six weeks. By the last week of January users will receive an OTA update.

Most HTC M8 owners are expected to receive the notification, though it might be out for sure before February in case the update is not released within two weeks. Users can expect Sense 6.0 with a new build, scroll through “app cards” more easily and a transformed two-finger function for quick settings in the latest Android 5.0.2 OS.

The release of the update by carriers might differ as they might seek further time to modify the source code to match the region. However the update will be the final Lollipop update to HTC users, which might prove a disappointment to the HTC users. The claim remains unverified though the latest features and additions will be revealed after the update in the coming days.

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