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Best 6 Apple iTunes 12 tips and tricks you should try

Apple has known to be one of the most extra ordinary providers of technology and software. The company has set up many benchmark and flagship products over the year and one of those products is iTunes, which has made such a wide market base. iTunes is no small part of the company it is a major revenue turner for Apple and this is one of the reason why it keeps on growing. iTunes came as a simple media player and soon it is a supermarket of all the songs for purchase, selling publishing and listening. Now and then iTunes have attracted some criticism and well it does deserve some of them, but the fact remains that it is a pretty good media player and is widely used around the globe.

The playlist view of iTunes is one of the best that you could see, and album view is literary astonishing, and if you have an Apple device like Mac iTunes is exceptionally fast. But, iTunes 12 became the talk of the town due to some negative reasons. In this article, we are trying to come up with some tips and tricks that will enhance your experience on iTunes 12.

1. Customize Toolbar

Toolbar is the home space for all the major functions of the player. With iTunes 12 you can customize your toolbar, choose which function get the right to be in the elite section and which is not. On the right side you can switch from movies to music to podcast and what not. These are the only 3 icons that are seen there, click on the menu button if you desire to see more. If you wish to edit then edit button, then check or uncheck the tool or button you want to see on your toolbar.


2. Switching through Album View

iTunes is set to the default setting with album view; you can change that at your own longing. You will see a button called album on the far right corner of the toolbar. Then comes a drop down menu from where you can switch from genre or song view. You can also do a bit of sorting here choose to hide the Recently added bar.


3. Coloumn Browser at your Service

Press command +B to activate the Column Browser when you’re in the Songs view in your Playlists or Music tab. This option helps you to browse through all sorts of music present in a column. It will add three columns of top genre, artists and albums. If you have a large collection of songs like hundreds or thousands then going through the songs become very easy for you. So it makes navigation and your life much easier and carefree when it comes to music.


4. Bringing back the Side bar

Do you remember the sidebar? Any one who is a veteran iTunes user who have been doing this for years, creating different albums, sorting up their music and arranging it in very specific order and curated all sorts of playlist would remember it and does surly miss the sidebar. So for all those people the sidebar is back with iTunes 12. Though it is limited just to the Playlist view, but better have something than nothing.

The icing on the cake is that you do not need to play the music in playlist to keep the playlist view around. There is a tab on top of a sidebar that will show you music and hence called “Music” tab. The default view is that of songs, but to get the best of both the world you can switch it to the album and enjoy.


5. Get Old Info View Back

Well, everyone agrees that the new get an info view of Yosemite is good, but the old one just had a different style and aroma. The new one is very limited as compared to the old one. The reason is that in new one loads of input points have been blocked off. If you want the old one back to just hold the Option key and choosing File> Get Info simultaneously. This will bring back good old info menu where you can edit your songs fields.


6. Mini Player Activated

There used to be a dedicated button to get to the MiniPlayer. Now you’ll need to click the album art in the top pane called playback control area to launch the MiniPlayer.


So, here are all the iTunes 12 tips and tricks that you can try right now to enjoy and have a better experience. If you know any trick that make iTunes better, do let us know in the comment section below.

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