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Facebook has over 70 percent adults in the US with slow userbase growth

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) remains the largest and most active social network in 2014 as well. The year witness a significant increase in sign up from teenagers as well as adults. The growth is slow if you compare it with the previous year, but the level of engagement is still higher than ever. The new sites, though got more number of user signups, but Facebook is still leading in terms of popularity.Facebook-3

Other platforms are growing, but Facebook is steady and highly impacting. The recent incident of free speech was also one of the key trending topics on the site. While regular users lack interest, but everybody is there because their friends are on Facebook. More than half of the entire senior citizen population uses Facebook. The number of adult users is even higher as it constituted to be 70% for Facebook in the U.S.

Back in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg started it as a friendly social site for college students, who could have dreamt it would have grown to such a huge level. Most college students on Facebook now see their mom, dad and even grandparents in their friend list. Elder people are also getting connected with people from their youth online, with Facebook’s powerful friend finder algorithm. It is indeed a cheerful experience where you can interact with the people and make them a part of your life again.

Facebook’s U.S. growth statistics clearly say the popularity and engagement wise the platform is still numero uno. The new players like Instagram, Pinterest may get more users but overall more than 71% of the total internet users are on Facebook. The engagement is highest because all the users come and use Facebook daily. The social platform is an integral part of their daily life of all the internet users.

The survey was done by University of Michigan, and questions were asked through telephone.

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