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Mercedes-Benz Launches self driving car Model F-015 at CES 2015

There is always an outstanding technology that leaves the consumers spellbound. In each edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, there is one such item. Luxury in Motion by Mercedes Benz (F-015) was that product at CES 2015 that left everyone in total awe. This car is based on self-driving technology, where you can sit inside and everything is operated manually.mercedes-benz-driverless-car

The technology’s prototype became a reality as the model F-015 made its debut and it entered in style with no driver only the head of management at Mercedes-Bens and President of CES at the passenger seats. This segment was the most interesting part of the show. The dream becoming a reality as this luxury car with so many exclusive features added to it.

Fully autonomous car from Mercedes has lounge shaped interiors, which are sure to interest all the consumers. The introduction of self-driven cars did not leave other features and looks behind. F-015 is a perfect car, which drives by itself and does so in style. While Europe and Japan are considered to be really excited to adopt this technology, it will be exciting to see when these evolve in a large scale.

The experience at the CES 2015 event already wooed everyone present. They are surely going to keep track of its launch globally and how it will change the road scene. It will minimize errors made by drivers and also cruise through traffic more intelligently. Many issues are still being resolved, but Mercedes-Benz launched this self-drive car to start a revolution and test the interests of the consumers. After all it is they who are going to buy and use it.

Here we have fingers crossed for the companies who launch it and the people who use them. According to the statistics in a decade or so, such cars will be highly popular and used globally.


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