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CES 2015 concludes wrapping up the drones, wearables, self-driving cars and more

2015 is going to be another spectacular year for gadgets and technology. Not just top companies, many new players are also trying to prove their mettle with wearables, drones and new innovations like 3D printing. Many startups have come forward and launched electronic products at CES.ces-international-2015

The Consumer Electronics Show was a wonderful experience as many new trends and rumors were about to unfold. Useful and highly sophistical products were showcased. The exhibits included flashy TVs, fitness trackers, flying drones, giant TVs, ultra-thin TVs, self-driving cars, smart watches, and concept cars from makers like Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz. Also stylish wearables and health sensors according to the ongoing trends were displayed under one roof. Virtual reality wooed many consumers as Oculus Rift, came out with a prototype for consumers to test at CES.

Attractive and some real products marked this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Like the twin wash machine from LG and the soon to be launched Home Kit, Smart homes will be a reality soon if Apple is to be believed. The company has always challenged the status quo and brought more good things to our lives. Unmanned systems or drones were a major part of the show. Video drones already gained traction through the Kickstarter campaign and now the makers have launched a palm sized drones and they were very popular at CES. Aerial photography will be in the trend throughout 2015.

3D printers were printing food and people were glad to see that happening as well. The advances are really good and this technology is getting very simpler with the amount of innovation going on. Most of these drones, wearables, 3D printing was showcased by startups at CES. Connected and multiple feature oriented were main attractions and the concept variants also gave a window towards the near future of technology and gadgets.

The Chief Economist at CES, Shawn DuBravac stated to the attendees that the show was about companies digitizing some space. However, he also added that the ones who would be successful will actually be technologically meaningful.

Drones grab the attention:

With mini-sized drones to drones capable of taking selfies, the flying devices remain the attention seekers during the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015). Most drones are similar in features with four rotors, sensors and cameras for recording aerial footage. Read more here.

Range of wearables showcased:

CES 2015 sees a range of wearable devices ranging from affordable fitness trackers to strap-on heart rate monitors. A range of smartwatches and wearables were put up on display, including the new smart clothes with sensors were also displayed during the show. Read more here.

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