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A rare half male, half female butterfly spotted at a butterfly exhibit

Discovery is certainly exotic, if it comes in the form of an unusually rare butterfly. A discovery of such unusual sorts was recently made during a butterfly exhibit at Drexel University in Philadelphia. The sight came as a shock to a retired chemical engineer from Swathmore, Mr. Chris Jhonson, when he saw an extremely rare butterfly that is half male and half female. The thought is itself intriguing, as no one will expect such sights at a general butterfly exhibition. Mr. Johnson was volunteering in the butterfly exhibit, when he came across the rare butterfly.

A rare half male, half female butterfly spotted at a butterfly exhibit

Initially, he noticed the differences in the sizes of the two wings on left and right side of the butterfly. The right wings were similar to that of the female species- large and were colored typically with brown and yellow with white spots. On the other hand, the right wings were comparatively smaller and had a dark texture with splashes of blue, green and purple.

The butterfly was spotted when Mr. Johnson was emptying the pupae chamber at the exhibit. According to his statement, the fact that such a butterfly can exist was unknown to him. Right after seeing the rare creature, Mr. Johnson and his supervisor contacted the Entomology Collection Manager and handed over the butterfly to him.

It was later revealed that the butterfly is a common Archduke Butterfly and has a rare condition named gynandromorphy. A creature suffering from gynandromorphy is known to show both the characteristics of a male and a female. The creature has both male as well as female reproductive organs. The condition is most commonly found in birds. Butterflies are also known to have the condition, but it is extremely rare.

According to the scientists, the issue is in the genes. The traits remain subdued for thousands of years and might just appear suddenly. The butterfly has been separated and will be on show from Jan 17th to Feb 16 at Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.

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  1. Sounds about as rare as Christ Consciousness.

  2. would you say the same if it were human with such traits?

  3. Are you not aware of Hermaphrodites?

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