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Buick jumps back on the convertible bandwagon with Cascada

Buick, which is currently the oldest active North American automotive maker and one amongst the oldest automobile brands in the world, has once again proved that it is dedicated towards re-inventing the wheel, so to say. Starting from January 12, the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) putatively known as the Detroit Auto Show became the perfect host to Buick’s newest plans to launch a sleek set of convertible wheels.buick-cascada-2016

Buick is unveiling ahead of the Detroit Auto Show, its sweet new compact convertible called the ‘Cascada’. The shift towards convertibles is purportedly because of Buick’s aspirations to shed its image of a maker of ‘Old Fogey’s Wagons’. Buick hadn’t been especially keen on the convertible car division as evidenced by the fact that its last convertible called the ‘Reatta’ had released way back in the year 1990-91, and Buick hadn’t seen a convertible release from its wagon houses ever since then. As explained by Buick’s representatives, fans of convertibles are more loyal to convertibles than to the brands that make those convertibles. With that in mind, Buick hopes to convert some of its rival brand’s car owners towards its fold by luring them with its latest convertible offering.

The Cascada, which will be available in the consumer market only by 2016, will come with a 2+2 seating. According to Buick, this convertible will be able to carry four adults. The top-drop executes itself completely in 17 seconds. The engine which additionally comes with a turbo charge has been designed to bear 200 HP load. However, a mileage rating for the Cascada is still awaited.

Buick may have been emboldened to compete in the more mainstream market segments after it touched its personal best of 1,170,115 worldwide vehicle sales in the year 2014. This was a full 11.4% jump in Buick’s sales over the previous year, which otherwise saw only a 5.9% jump in the overall new vehicle market. The nearly 1.2 million sales figure was the highest ever recorded for Buick in its 111 year history. This new-found success rode primarily on the back of its Encore and Enclave SUVs. Although its last convertible release was short-lived, Buick has become wiser to realize that the moolah lies in the youth market segment, which sees a lot of churning in brand loyalty and therefore offers perfect opportunities to any company looking to gain new converts.

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