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Samsung Galaxy E5 to be launched in Russia on 23rd January

Under predatory pressures from cheaper smartphones from Chinese companies, Samsung, which has started feeling the heat in the smartphone market, now aims at leveraging the low-mid cost smartphone market. With that strategy in mind, Samsung has planned the release of a new Galaxy E series of smartphones.samsung-galaxy-e5

The Galaxy E5 which was announced on January 6 and was released in India first, will now hit the Russian gizmo market from January 23, 2015, according to online web stores that have listed the device on their marketplaces. Although the first market to get the twin new galaxy phones, the E3 and the E5, was India, Samsung is keen to compete with cheaper Chinese offerings in emergent markets where the Chinese rivals are still to carve out a definitive presence. Hence Russia became the second market for the E5’s release.

The Galaxy E5 sports a 5 inch SuperAMOLED touch screen with 720p resolution. The device is powered by a 64 bit quad core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 processor built on the Snapdragon 410 chip. It will also come with a RAM sized at 1.5 GHz and a stock storage space capacity of 16GB. The camera the back will be an 8MP camera while the one on the back will be a 5 MP shooter. The battery backup will be fairly decent because it will come supported with a 2400 mAh cell. Samsung has continued with its dual-SIM policy on low-mid cost range of phones on this smartphone as well.

However, with the almost parallel announcement of Xiaomi’s Red Note 2 which has comparatively better features than Samsung’s latest Galaxy offering and is also expected to be priced slightly lower than the $300 that is being speculated for Samsung’s Galaxy E series phones, it remains to be seen if Samsung’s maneuvers in the low-mid cost range of phone will prove as successful as it did for Samsung in the case of high-end premium phones.

It can be fairly surmised that Samsung may now have become desperate to uncover newer arenas of profitability after it reported on Thursday that its operating profit in Q4 may have fallen by almost 37 percent to currently rest at around a ballpark figure of US $ 4.55 billion (5 trillion won). Sales also have seen a nearly 10% fall in Q4 compared to the figures in the same quarter from last year. This search for leveraging emergent markets, Samsung may continue to expand its repertoire of low-mid range phones and in the same vein, it had recently released the Galaxy A3 and A5 in China in November, 2014 and the Galaxy E5 and E7 in India this January.

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