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LG G2 to receive Android 5.0.1 Lollipop firmware update

Lollipop, the latest Android installment for smartphones continues to evade most smartphone users because of a lack of compatible updates. Even though LG was one of the first smartphone companies to start incorporating the Lollipop version in its smartphones (LG G3), quick updating for legacy devices has been a little on the slower side.lg-g2-android-lollipop

However, according to a couple of videos leaked online on YouTube, it has been confirmed that LG has been hard at work to bring out Lollipop updates for its previous flagship phone, the LG G2 so as to not let its previous buyers feel ditched by the Seoul based, South Korean multinational. The videos feature LG G2 handsets that already have Lollipop installed on them. The LG UI for the G2 is going to be similar to that on the G3. The leaked video reveals that G2 could receive the Android version 5.0.1 (build number LRX21Y).

Despite such confirmations of a possible porting of the Lollipop UI for G3 over to G2, no official word has yet come out from LG and therefore G2 users may still have to wait for an uncertain period of time before they can get to enjoy LG’s Lollipop update. Despite what can be surmised, G2 users may have to wait in line after LG first rolls out updates for the G3. LG had released G3’s Lollipop updates only yesterday, and therefore one may expect the G2 update to be on the assembly line getting ready for a rollout.

However, it must be added here that the devices displayed in those videos are LTE-A versions of the LG G2 Model F320L that were released exclusively in South Korea. Additionally, the LG G3’s Lollipop updates were also released for devices sold in South Korea and Europe. Thus, nothing about the LG’s purported updates is beyond speculation. However, it will be nothing but common sense for LG to eventually release updates for its devices sold in other continents as well.

It must be informed to our readers that currently, G2 users can update their devices to the latest Android offering because of a custom ROM developed by XDA’s Rashed97. It must be cautioned, however, that owing to its user contributed customizations, the update installation may not function fully free of errors, as few specific issues regarding video recording and GPS have been reported by users.



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