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The 2015 edition of the CES event concludes with best tech gizmos

The International CES 2015 in Las Vegas has concluded on Friday. That day will also mark the eighth anniversary of the introduction of the original Apple iPhone by Steve Jobs. CES gave a glimpse of how good the future technology will be.ces2015

The CES event this year felt like a World’s fair. This is definitely as good as it can get. A few BMW’s were rolling around the streets of Las Vegas Convention Center, drones flying in the sky and everything digital you can dream of. Not only this, there was a room for 3D printed food too.

The show was very exciting and it filled Las Vegas with a great digital energy. This feel had been lacking in the previous year’s CES events. The conversations constructed by the experts about varied technology made the event even more worthy. It was not bland as last year and hence, has received rave reviews from people who attended it.

CES was one of the biggest events in the city of Las Vegas and the technological concept that drove the event was phenomenal. There was a great variation in the technology displayed at the CES. There were attendees trying out Altspace Virtual Reality gear at the CES show while the scientists were seen making virtual reality devices that resembled to some from the 1960’s.

This year’s CES was definitely more innovative than iterating and some big ideas that had been floating for a long time had been surfaced in the event. It made the attendees have a great experience of seeing what the future may hold for the next generation.

The Chief Economist at CES, Shawn DuBravac stated to the attendees that the show was about companies digitizing some space. However, he also added that the ones who would be successful will actually be technologically meaningful.

Drones grab the attention:

With mini-sized drones to drones capable of taking selfies, the flying devices remain the attention seekers during the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015). Most drones are similar in features with four rotors, sensors and cameras for recording aerial footage. Read more here.

Range of wearables showcased:

CES 2015 sees a range of wearable devices ranging from affordable fitness trackers to strap-on heart rate monitors. A range of smartwatches and wearables were put up on display, including the new smart clothes with sensors were also displayed during the show. Read more here.

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