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iPhone separation linked to anxiety and poor cognitive performance

A University of Missouri study has revealed that separation from Apple iPhone has been linked to poor psychological and physiological  performance including poor cognitive results. The study also indicated that the users needed constant attention and avoid parting with the phones.Apple Begins Selling iPhone 5 S/C In Berlin

The research was conducted with about 40 iPhone users and were asked to complete a puzzle with the smartphones by the side. Another puzzle was required to be completed with the phones away, but the heart rate and anxiety of participants rose when the researchers rang their phones. They showed difficulty in solving the second puzzle while being away from the phones.

“Our findings suggest that iPhone separation can negatively impact performance on mental tasks,” said Russell Clayton, a doctoral candidate at the MU School of Journalism.

The study also mentioned that iPhones were becoming an extension of people’s lives. There users were observed of “Bluetooth interference” with the wireless blood pressure cuff. After completion of the puzzle, users without the iPhones reported anxiety and unpleasantness during the word search puzzle.

Clayton mentioned that when users were separated from iPhones, we experience a lessening of self and negative physiological state. Glenn Leshner, professor at the University of Oklahoma and Anthony Almond, doctoral student at Indiana university took part in the study and has been published as a journal. As people become more and more dependent on smartphones in their everyday lives the new study has shown the side-effects of separation from iPhones.

With very limited studies conducted on the effects of separation from smartphones, more research is expected to be conducted in the future. Indeed the day the day has come where people’s feelings and output is being influenced by technology and devices. For the complete analysis of the study, click on the source link below.

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