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HTC Re gets a shot in the arm with Live YouTube streaming support

The HTC Re, whose introduction to the tech world added a whole new dimension to taking images and recording videos has got a shot in the arm with a latest update from the Taiwanese company on Android’s Play Store that lets the device’s users record videos and simultaneously live stream it over YouTube.htc-re-camera

With this capability now opening up, the update to the device brings it closer to enabling a real video conferencing experience with multiple users of the device. The makers of the device have stated that one is required to merely log into their YouTube channel and start recording, using the Re to broadcast a live feed onto YouTube. This development entails massive potential because it can enable public coverage of open events, real live, citizen-reporting, and could also possibly help in providing relief in disaster hit areas. Those are of course in addition to the more personal uses such as developing a live travelogue as one gallivants through continents, or videotape a live surgical operation for the benefit of medical students. The uses of the HTC Re along with live streaming on YouTube will have immense consequences.

The HTC Re, designed like a periscope can be held with a handgun grip. It has been designed with an aim at simplicity and weighs only 66.5 gram. It features a polycarbonate body available in black and white colors and has only two buttons on the device. The first button enables the user to toggle between videotaping and photographing, while the other button functions as a shutter key.

The base of the barrel contains a micro USB port to charge the device. It comes with an 8 GB memory card with an additional support of up to 128 GB. The camera is an ultra-wide-angle f/2.8 lens which sometimes may cause image distortion. This problem may be compounded for camera enthusiasts when one finds that the HTC Re comes with no viewfinder at all. Thus, one may never be sure of what one is capturing.

However, this latest development about enabling streaming support comes in the wake of Facebook’s acquisition of video compressing tech company ‘QuickFire’. Tech companies are coming around to the realization that the next growth in online use will hover around video content and Google and Facebook have been quick to grab opportunities to synergize their muscle with newer technologies.

It also became important for HTC that was wallowing in the shadowy spaces of aggressive giants like Apple and Samsung. The introduction of this device marks a significant shift in HTC’s strategy and signals a slight diversification in its product lineup.

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