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Intel vows to invest $300 million to build diversity in the tech industry

Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich has announced that the company has set a goal for its workforce that enables them to become “fully representative” of the diversity of the talent available in the country. This goal has a timeline until 2020.intel-building-europe

Intel will actually employ the money in order to promote women and people of color to join the industry. Brian Krzanich said that the company leads by example and that they will invite the whole tech industry to join them. He also accepted using one word that could actually change the face of the industry. He added, “It’s time to step up and do more. It’s not good enough to say we value diversity.”

The company has vowed to invest $300 million in the next 5 years for the diversity efforts. The managers will be held accountable for the end results while hiring and promoting ladies and minorities. He has pledged one more thing; the company will try to get full representation at all the levels by the year 2020.

We need to understand what a “full representation” could actually mean. A person might guess that Intel’s goal is to reflect the population in the US which has produced 51 percent ladies, 17 percent Hispanics and 13 percent Afro-Americans.

It was in 2013 that Intel’s employee diversity showed 24 percent girls, 8 percent Hispanic and 4 percent Afro-American. It clearly shows that Krzanich would have to increase that percentage by at least a double count. This could be possible in at least five years.

But it is important to know what the company actually meant by it. The news release of the company stated, “full representation suggests Intel’s U.S. workforce will be much more representative of the talent out there in America.” In an additional explanation, the company clarified that its goal is to reflect the quantity of girls and minorities who are able to work at Intel. The news release also cleared that it isn’t just for good business, but it is actually the right thing to do for the company.

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