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Drones grab the attention at CES 2015

With mini-sized drones to drones capable of taking selfies, the flying devices remain the attention seekers during the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015). Most drones are similar in features with four rotors, sensors and cameras for recording aerial footage.Drones-–-the-Buzzing-Stars-of-This-Year’s-CES-Gadget-Show

The drones are placed at the South Hall’s lower area named “Unmanned Systems” zone and only fly in glass enclosures or nets. Most of the drone companies had entered the market only a few years back while the consumers were busy at viewing demonstrations and drones. The CES 2015 show estimates that the global market for consumer drones at $130 million and $1 billion in the next 10 years.

“It’s rare to get more than 15 minutes of use and there seems little prospect of that improving anytime soon,” said Mr. Wood.

Several companies have the common issue of the low battery life in drones.The drones get a maximum battery life of 15 to 20 minutes ranging from low-end to high-end drones. However the Hexo+ or the selfie drone ws the focus in the drone section that can fly upto 200 feet, auto-follow feature and the ability to take aerial selfies without the help of users to control the drone.

The Hexo+ can create an entire storyboard, 360 spin with zoom features and auto-lands on low batteries. The developers stated that they wanted to give users great images for the selfie culture. The product is u for pre-order and is priced at $1,149.

Another notable product is the Hubsan’s X4 Pro introduced by the company as a hobby product in the helicopter market. The company exited the hobby market and sells drones with prices ranging from $50 to $300 though the Hubsan X4 price have not been revealed yet. There are also drones designed for following like the Flyr1 from Trace.com based on a standardized pattern.

Drones on display include Zano drone from Torquing Group priced at $270, Ehang’s well-designed range of drones priced between $375 to $599.

Check out the Hexo+ drone:

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