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Facebook introduces Edit post feature on desktop and android

Don’t worry on your typos, if typed and published in your Facebook posts as you can now “edit” your post to correct them and you can also view the “edit history” of any edited post in FB.

Facebook roll out "Edit Posts" feature to all desktop and android users
Facebook roll out “Edit Posts” feature to all desktop and android users

The campany has announced on Thursday that any users can go back and edit their already published posts and currently rolled out to all the users on desktop browser and on android app. This means, if you find a spelling or grammar mistake in your Facebook posts, you don’t need to delete the entire status and start typing again to correct the error. Even, this “edit” feature applies to Facebook pages as wel as group discussions.

In order to edit an already published post – just tap the down arrow on the post and select “Edit” to correct them or add more info. Once after editing and re-publishing the post, there will be an “edited” link in front of the post, which shows the “Edit history” of the particular post to all the readers.

However, this feature of editing published posts were already present in Google Plus but Facebook introduced only comment editing features until yesterday. The post editing feature was most expected by many users, where the company previously said it was working on this feature and finally launched it after an year of the announcement.

Facebook also noted that around 95% of the desktop users will get the feature on Thursday and all android user will get the update after updating the application to the latest one. “Apple iOS users will get the “edit posts” and “edit comments” features soon,” said the company.

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