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The latest Cepheus Poker algorithm is unbeatable

Technology has advanced swiftly in the current age and the time has arrived when the researchers have come up with a computer algorithm for playing poker and it proves to be extremely efficient. This algorithm will also help the players do bluffing.cepheus-poker-algorithm

The team of researchers includes the likes of natives from Canada and Finland. Michael Bowling along with his colleagues at the University of Alberta, Edmonton have come up with the interesting algorithm. According to them, it is extremely difficult to lose a game of poker after applying the algorithm they have created for the game.

According to Eric Jackson, a computer poker researcher, “The strategy the authors have computed is so close to perfect as to render pointless further work on this game.” He added, “I think that it will come as a surprise to experts that a game this big has been solved this soon.”

The major challenge that the players face in poker is to deal with the massive number of ways to play the game. The developing strategy of the game involves the computer to inject an ample of bluffs into its moves.

In the computer poker, bluffing is considered to be an important part and hence, it is inserted in the algorithm prepared by the researchers. According to Bowling, “Bluffing falls out of the mathematics of the game.”

It is an obvious fact that a poker algorithm cannot always guarantee a win for you, but the one prepared by the researchers of the University of Alberta is really good and the creators have actually demonstrated the effectiveness of it.

The algorithm prepared by the researchers is a step ahead of any computer program and it can help beat top players of poker.

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