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Mark Zuckerberg vows to support free speech on Facebook

The youngest billionaire in the world, Mark Zuckerberg, is in the news for supporting free speech over the internet. He posted on his social media site Facebook regarding the threats he faced a few years back when he refused to ban Prophet Mohammed related content. Many Pakistani extremists were offended by such content and wished death for Mark.facebook-ceo-mark-zuckerberg-qna

However, the CEO of Facebook has a point of his own and is willing to embrace free speech openly. He admits that he is against these terrorist attacks, like the one happened in Paris. Facebook is a platform where different people come and share their own views and ideas, Mark said.

He quoted, “I’m committed to building a service where you can speak freely without fear of violence.” He ended his status message with hashtag #JeSuisCharlie.

Extremists in Pakistan were against the content people posted on Facebook. Mark however, wanted all of them to express their opinion freely. While extremist wanted him dead, many people supported him. Acts like fighting to have Zuckerberg sentenced to death or gunmen shooting 12 people in Paris, are shameful.

Facebook is the biggest social network online and there are so many people from around the world who share their views on the platform. Mark Zuckerberg wants people to stay connected and reject extremism. He has faced such things himself in 2010, when he boldly stood up against them.

We hope that the internet remains the medium of free speech and platforms like Facebook remain neutral and do not play favorites. Views and ideas of people do not hurt sentiments; the extremists have to understand that.

“Yet as I reflect on the attack and my own experience with extremism, this is what we all need to reject — a group of extremists trying to silence the voices and opinions of everyone else around the world,” Zuckerberg said adding that he won’t let that happen on Facebook.

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