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Toyota declares 5680 patents on Hydrogen Fuel technology as royalty free

Toyota is all set to take the higher stakes for the purpose of development of Hydrogen fuel for the automobile industry. In relation to the aspect, the car maker has announced that around about 5,680 patents related to hydrogen fuels and cell technology of its own will be available royalty free to the other car makers for their use. The act of making the so many patents royalty free does  bring in a sense of interest that Toyota is showing especially to boost the Hydrogen Fuel and Cell Technology.Toyota declares 5680 patents on Hydrogen Fuel technology as royalty free

According to the reports, out of the 5680 patents which have been made royalty free by Toyota, 3350 patents involve the software to manage the whole hydrogen fuel system. The other patents include 1970 fuel stack patents, 290 patents for the high pressure hydrogen tanks and approximately 70 patents cover the actual production and supply system. The patents related to the production system will remain royalty free for life and the ones involving the production of actual cars will stay this way till the year 2020.

It is extremely interesting to see that car makers like Toyota are coming up to boost the hydrogen fuel and cell technology. It is undoubted that the sector has immense applications and can certainly take the automobile industry to another level. This is not the first time when car makers have tried to put through the hydrogen fuel industry into the market. Previously, CEO of Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk did something same by stating that no lawsuits will be initiated in case someone tries to use their patents for a good purpose.

But it remains to be seen that how does the industry take it. With the electric vehicles on the rise, how many car makers are actually interested to bring up Hydrogen fueled automobiles?

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