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NASA’s Mars Rover Suffering From Amnesia

NASA might just be in a bit of tension as the reports suggest that the Mars Rover has encountered some issues which in turn might lead up to a greater problem. To be precise, the explorer is finding it very difficult to extract and save the latest data to its memory. What this means that the study done by Mars Rovers is currently going in vain. Interestingly, the scientists could not rectify the issues with Flash Memory and currently the Rover is using its RAM to store the data. But tension has not left NASA as the data which has not been sent back to the earth is lost fro the RAM as soon as the Mars Rover enters the hibernation.NASA’s Mars Rover suffering from Amnesia

The Mars Rover was not the part of a 10 year long plan. Instead, NASA sent the rover only for a period of 3 months. Scientists believe that this failure inn proper functionality of the Mars Rover is simply due to the aging factor of the explorer.

Scientists at NASA firmly believe that the system just needs some upgrades. The condition is simply due to the ageing of the computer managing the resources. According to one of the scientists on the mission, the computer resets itself whenever the explorer tries to save something in the Flash Memory. The use of RAM is also a temporary solution and NASA is looking forward to find the cure for the issue.

According to the engineers, one of the 7 memory banks has been corrupted and this is the reason Rover cannot save anything on the Flash Memory. Scientists are looking for the corrupted bank and will try to remove it from the system such that Rover does not confront the trouble while trying to save data again. Scientists are calling this ‘Amnesia’with Mars Rover.

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