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Los Angeles Officials halted the home use of iPads for District’s students

LAUSD has halted the program of distributing iPads to the students after they found that more than 300 children hacked the iPads and managed to work around the security placed on the tablets.

Apple iPad mini 2012 - a thinner tablet
Apple iPad mini 2012 – a thinner tablet

More than 640,000 students under Los Angeles Unified School District were supposed to get the device in a phase by phase roll out worth $1 billion. And the first phase of the distribution began since last week and LAUSD already got the problem in hand. In a few days, the students of Theodore Roosevelt High School have broken the security measures placed on the tablets and managed to access it’s all feature such as Facebook, Twitter and other apps, which were blocked by the protective security measures by LAUSD.

These students had a work around to hack the security lock on the iPads by using a simple trick of deleting the personal profile, which was pre-loaded in the device settings. The LAUSD police chief has recommended to limit the roll-out before it goes out of hand and the officials have banned the home use of the devices until the perfect protective settings inserted to the devices. Prior to this, the students were allowed to take the gadget to their home.

source – LA Times

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